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Salons, Gifts for Our Imagination!

  • Cafe Arrivederci 11 G St San Rafael, CA, 94901 United States (map)

I'll be speaking at an Art Salon at Cafe Arrivederci again on June 29th. More information from the official invite below, which gives you a sense of the quirkiness of these evenings.

MONDAY, June 29:
Salons, Gifts for Our Imagination!
private dinner parties, sponsored by ANGAR MORA and FELIX FELIND, & jamming,
featuring adventures for 3rd edition homo.sapiens, of self-guided tours for self.learners

"Discovery Makes Self.Taught Learning Possible"

Enjoy a leisurely Monday evening, with the articulated arts:

* shared ownership makes paintings successful, by Mike Beaver
and, ruling roosters posturing, images by Robyn Kruse;
*open mic   * in private dining room  *host, Angar Mora;

"My paintings concentrate on the rocky contrasts of a steam's course, the random trails of foam on a wave's face, or the late light across coastal ridges. If you view one of my paintings and you experience some peace and calm, we have both succeeded. Then it is no longer my painting. It has become OURS." Mike Beaver is an imagist, and a resident of Woodacre. His exhibit is at Cafe ARRIVEDERCI until July 9.

"I've traveled the world.  The ways I approach travel, and now the ways I approach art, come from a passion for discovery and knowledge.  My primary subject, roosters, inspire me with their variety, craziness and attitude.  I love how alive my roosters feel and truly enjoy bringing them to you in all their glory."  Robyn Kruse, is a, and a resident of San Francisco.  Her exhibit is at Cafe ARRIVEDERCI until July 2.

Live Talk for Live People.  This event is 'texting free', 'telephone free', and 'camera free'.

Hours, 5:30 to 8:45 pm.  Cover charge of $10.00 (cash) per person includes a 27.25% discount on all purchases of beverages and food, and participation in the 'art raffle.' 

Reservations, 415.492.8870. Cafe ARRIVEDERCI, 11 G. Street, San Rafael.

When your friends ask, 'but where have you been?' and 'where are you going?' then, show them your travels on the maps prepared by the artists in the forms of paintings, sculptures, music and poetry!

Click here for the PDF of the official invite.