Surreal Creatures, Surreal Hammers

We had to use a tool in class, so I made my tool a rooster.

I bought the fated little hammer that started it all on impulse. It had the swiss army knife going for it, and was small enough to carry in my purse, so I’d always have a hammer with me between my house and the studio.

One day in my experimental drawing class, our teacher Pamela Lanza (who I wrote about in this previous blog post) instructed us to use a tool not usually used for drawing to make our next piece.

Perhaps because I’ve been obsessed with roosters for a few years now, the hammer looked somewhat like a rooster to me: the tail from the swiss army knife and a face on him, even if turned around. It looked like something living.

That prompt initiated a new foray into the world of tools as subject.

I like tools for the same reasons that I fell in love with roosters as subjects (another blog post on that forthcoming) -- they’re quirky and alive so it’s fun to give them life.

Tools are interesting because they’re not as soft edged as birds - you have to focus a little differently when you do them... or not care if they aren't exactly right.  Being super realistic has never been my goal anyway.

I’m looking forward to continuing the exploration of tools -- do you have any favorite tools you’d like to see me play with?