Artist Statement

I aim for an abstract element of a realistic subject and use texture to add interest and suggest depth.
— Margaret Roseman

I create surreal, humorous worlds rich in vibrancy and detail through mixed media. Seeing the richness of different colors, different textures and different worlds make me feel alive. My style is representational with abstractions that shift perspectives, giving the viewer the chance to see an everyday subject, like tools or roosters, in a new light. Roosters inspire me with their variety, craziness and attitude. I love how alive my roosters feel and truly enjoy bringing them to you in all their glory.

After a successful career in business, I’ve decided to focus on art making, and am finding joy, delight and wonder. I hope to make you smile with my work, and invite you to look closer. My pieces have fun and funkiness, spirit and irony. See the real in an altered context.

- Robyn Kruse